Personal training: individual, targeted training for the benefit of health

Sometimes besides work, family and household chores, there is simply no time for an extended visit to the gym. In addition, you often feel left alone with your exercises and problem areas and the motivation of a hobby athlete drops if the hoped for success does not materialize. In contrast, a personal trainer enables optimal training results with the help of goal-oriented workouts and close cooperation. But how does personal training actually work?

One Personal training usually begins with a detailed discussion. The trainer should first find out about current data such as the weight and height of the person exercising. Existing as well as past injuries and illnesses are of course particularly important – after all, possible physical limitations are very important for the choice of exercises. Furthermore, the customer’s sporting preferences should also be asked: Should it be workouts with equipment such as dumbbells or other, larger sports equipment? Or would the trainee prefer to train with their own body weight?

The discussion is followed by the creation of the training plan. Of the personal trainer builds on the current athletic performance level of his customer in order to create the most effective training program possible that leads to rapid progress. So you get a tailor-made training plan that is precisely aimed at your own body and the goals set. The external circumstances and conditions under which you are training should always be taken into account – thanks to flexible scheduling, even full-time working single mothers are not prevented from doing sport and doing something good for their health.

But that is with planning the exercises and drawing up a training plan P Personal training of course is far from over. The personal trainers are always present when their customers are training and make sure that all exercises are performed correctly and safely. In this way, sports injuries are much easier to avoid than with independent workouts, and no energy is invested in incorrectly executed exercises that would not be successful anyway.

The Benefits of personal training are therefore quite obvious: A detailed consultation, including a health check, enables very goal-oriented training, not least because you work with a permanent trainer who accompanies the training process over the long term and can therefore flexibly implement changes. The motivation to exercise regularly is also higher thanks to pleasantly adapted training times. In the end, personal training will achieve the goals set much faster and with more fun.

In our practice Physiotherapy Berlin-Mitte we also offer something tailored to your needs Personal training on. Thanks to our optimal location and our professional team, we can help you to work on your sporting goals and give you a few hours of relaxation in the middle of the daily hustle and bustle.

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