As diverse as Berlin itself: With our multilingual team, we are internationally oriented

Berlin is colourful: people from many nations come together here. Many people speak little or no German. As a private physiotherapy practice in Berlin, it is important to us that everyone, no matter what language they speak, can be helped with pain or other ailments. For this reason, we attach great importance to being able to address and treat our patients in other languages. Our team is therefore as linguistically diverse as the population of Berlin. Among our physiotherapists there are numerous employees who not only speak German and English, but also a third language – often at native speaker level. In our practice, we can therefore diagnose and treat you not only in English and German, but also in Italian, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Hindi and Hebrew.

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Breaking down language barriers for successful physiotherapy in Berlin-Mitte

In the course of a physiotherapeutic treatment it is important that you can communicate with your treating therapist. Because the purpose of the anamnesis is that your physiotherapist understands exactly why you come to the practice. It is not enough just to identify your physical ailments. In order to discuss the cause of your symptoms and to develop a treatment plan that is individually tailored to you, it is also essential to find out about your living conditions and everyday conditions. Successful communication is crucial in this regard. Finally, during treatment, it is important that you understand the instructions correctly, for example when doing exercises. Unfortunately, language barriers can become major obstacles to the success of your treatment.

Because of language differences, many people shy away from visiting a doctor or physiotherapist. But not seeking treatment can make existing symptoms even more serious in the long term. For this reason, we attach great importance to the fact that our physiotherapists are able to treat patients in several languages. Anyone can come to us at the Marsch physiotherapy practice in Berlin with confidence, even if they don’t speak German. Our team covers a wide range of languages.

Communication in English is always possible

Your native language is not spoken by any of our physiotherapists in Berlin? Then perhaps communication in English is still possible. English is becoming more and more established as an international world language. In our team, a good command of the English language is mandatory. When you visit our private physiotherapy practice in Berlin-Mitte, you can be sure that you will always be understood in English.

No matter what physical ailment restricts you in everyday life – we will find a solution for it. Because our team is not only linguistically competent, but also technically competent. With numerous modern treatment methods, many years of experience in diagnosing the causes of complaints and creating individual treatment solutions, we also ensure that your performance improves again. We carry out the treatment in the language of your choice.

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