Five tips for a pain-free back in 2020

“New year, new me” – with the turn of the year the high phase of the annual resolutions begins again. Especially in the first Halfway through January, many people deal with their vices and give up go to great lengths to counter them. It is not uncommon for them New Year’s resolutions also address health issues such as obesity, Smoking habits or lack of exercise. Especially the latter mainly leads in Combination with countless hours of computer work can often be excruciating Back pain from which those affected suffer greatly. That’s why we give from the team of the practice “Physiotherapy March” you in this article five important advice that will alleviate your back pain and in the best case even Eliminate completely.

1. Lots of exercise

During a few years ago some doctors joined Back pain or tension advised to rest, it is clear nowadays that Above all, the opposite helps: a targeted strengthening of the back muscles can not only prevent pain, but also relieve it. Regular Movement and especially well-executed exercises train the complex Abdominal and back muscle plexus and in this way stabilize the Spine, so that structures such as the Vertebral joints and intervertebral discs are protected. In addition, through Exercise stressed the muscles and bones, which in turn Lowers the risk of osteoporosis.

2. A high protein diet

Weak back muscles are one of the main reasons for back pain. In addition to regular sports units A protein-rich diet therefore also helps, as it helps build muscle promotes. Protein proteins are made up of amino acids and are essential for our body indispensable – they are part of all body cells and therefore vital metabolic processes. Protein is in many Food: mainly in meat, dairy products and eggs, but also in Legumes and vegetables such as lettuce, cress or mushrooms. With a woman With a weight of 65 kilograms, the daily protein requirement is around 52 Grams, for men with a body weight of around 80 kilograms, the requirement is 64 Grams per day a little higher.

3. The right furniture

It is actually obvious, but many people disregard it: the choice of furniture can have a major impact on the well-being of the back. Especially at work or in the office, it is extremely important to buy a desk chair that is suitable for your own height and weight. The same applies of course to the dining and living room. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also buy a chair with a seal of approval – for example with the AGR seal of approval. Professional advice is also often worthwhile when buying a bed. For couples who share a bed, for example, it can make sense to buy two mattresses at the same time, as the suitable degree of firmness of the mattress depends on the body weight and the preferred lying position.

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4. Well-trained abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles are the antagonists of the Back muscles. Therefore, it is worthwhile to also get his stomach through regularly Strengthen training. The exercises for this are very easy: The well-known ones Sit-ups and crunches that involve the whole upper body or upper back Moving upwards, exercise the upper, lower, and side abs. With so-called planking – the forearm or side support – are additional Shoulders and triceps strengthened.

5. Physiotherapy

When doing the right exercises, home remedies and by yourself a healthy diet will no longer help the pain, it makes sense start appropriate physical therapy. The therapist first puts in a detailed discussion determines which therapy is best for the symptoms of the Patient fits and how often this should take place. Especially private patients but of course also patients with statutory health insurance are then looked after in detail by the Getting to the bottom of the causes of the pain and not just the symptom is alleviated.

Physiotherapy Marsch Berlin-Mitte GmbH is one Practice for private patients who gives a lot of time and attention to the problems of her patients. To relieve pain and tension, the multilingual team uses osteopathic procedures, various massage techniques and many other physiotherapeutic treatments. The private practice is located right in the center of Berlin – in Berlin-Mitte – and has excellent public transport connections.

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