Rounding up in old age: What to do?

A curved back, tense shoulders, a painful neck area – meanwhile, the curved posture is no longer uncommon even among the younger generation.

Just now you’re probably sitting in front of your laptop or phone and reading. Observe your posture and pay attention to your back, shoulder and head position. At the latest now you will have noticed that you are not sitting straight and that at least one of the listed body parts is in a bend. In order to strengthen the body permanently and to avoid tension and pain in old age, it is important to pay attention to one’s own body behaviour – in everyday life as well as at work.

How exactly you can improve your posture, we will now tell you in 5 steps. It’s not even that hard, but it has a lot to do with mindfulness and discipline. Let’s go!

1. Replace rigid sitting by movement

Those who are used to working longer hours in the office will surely know it: the back is tense, the neck hurts, the shoulders feel stiff. This makes it all the more important to check your own sitting position again and again and to indulge in some small movements. It helps to stand down from time to time or to move back and forth on the seat or back and forth. The back posture can be straightened by going into the hollow cross and relaxing again, contrary to the curvature. After that, you can be careful to sit straight. At first this may feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but the more often you practice the straight posture and the longer you hold it, the faster the body gets used to the healthy position.

2. Building muscle through stretching exercises

Long, rigid sitting weakens the back muscles and leads – long or short – to a round-up that not only looks unaesthetic, but can lead to significant movement impairments in old age. The regular use of computers and mobile phones and the typically curved posture during this time result in a hardening of the neck muscles as well as shortening of the pectoral muscles. The upper body deforms and the result is a hump that increases as you age. If the curvature of the back is excessive, this can also have a negative effect on the nerves, which can return with a feeling of numbness or tingling in the arms or legs. It is very easy to prevent all these symptoms and manifestations.

Krummer Back in The Age of Physiotherapy Berlin Mitte
Krummer Back in The Age of Physiotherapy Berlin Mitte

In order to achieve a healthy posture, it is sufficient to integrate simple stretching and stretching exercises into everyday life and to carry them out again and again in between.

In this way, simple circular movements of the head and shoulders can help to loosen hardened muscles.

Sitting or standing, you can also move your head in all directions, sometimes in front, sometimes backwards and also to the side to the right and left. In the respective positions you can stay a little longer and stretcha little with your hand.

In between, it can also help to raise the arms upwards and stretchthe torso sideways and upwards. This exercise is easy to do while sitting or standing.

Another exercise to strengthen the back muscles is known from the previous physical education. Simply place your leg straight on a higher level, e.g. on a bench or stairs and bend the torso down to the foot. Keep the torso as straight as possible so that the elongation is as effective as possible. The stretching will not only be felt in the leg itself, but also along the spine.

In general, there is no rulebook for stretching and stretching exercises. Just stay in motion and feel into your body. Anything that feels good in movement is also good for your body. The only important thing is that you do not solidify and keep your muscles fit.

3. Breathing exercises for more relaxation

Breathe, breathe and breathe again – deep into your feet. Stand for a moment, close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose. Now you breathe out through your mouth and let the air flow from the head, into the chest, to the abdomen, through the legs, to the feet. Repeat this breathing exercise several times a day and you will notice how much more relaxed your body feels.

Hump in the Age of Physiotherapy Berlin Mitte
Hump in the Age of Physiotherapy Berlin Mitte

4. Massages to loosen the muscles

If you want to treat your body to something, you can treat yourself to massages in addition to your own breathing, stretching and stretching exercises. Kneading, pressing, knocking or streaking along the body relaxes the muscles and releases hardening and blockages. A massage can relax the body and forms a good basis for more relaxation and lightness.

5. Light sport in everyday life

Sport not only frees the mind, but strengthens the muscles and thus stabilizes the body. This does not mean body building or endurance sports. It helps to cycle from time to time, to go for a relaxed walk, to climb stairs or just to go dancing.

Round-up ade!

A mixture of all exercises ensures a healthy posture that protects against long-lasting back problems. No one can use a crooked back, either at a young or an advanced age. With a little discipline, you can improve your posture and not only feel physically fitter and healthier, but you automatically radiate more self-confidence and freshness. So: On the pitches, ready, go!

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