3 exercises against knee pain

Knee pain can be quite distressing. Simple activities such as walking, climbing stairs or standing up can already cause pain and affect everyday life. In many cases, the cause of knee pain can be traced to weak muscles in the thigh and hip muscles. With regular exercises that can be easily performed at home, knee pain can be reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Exercises in lateral position

Lie sideways on a mat and rest your head on your lower hand. Support the hand of the other arm on the floor to remain stable. Now lift the upper leg sideways upwards and lower it again.

Daily 1x 3 minutes exercise against knee pain - Physiotherapie Praxis Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Repeat this sequence a few times and switch sides. Make sure that you are stable on the floor and that only the leg moves and not additionally other parts of the body, such as the upper body.

Exercises in supine position against knee pain

Now lie down with your back and stretch out your legs. Now angle one leg at a 90-degree angle while your foot is flat on the floor. Make sure that your back is not in a hollow position. It helps to press the lower back to the floor to avoid any gap.

Daily 1x 3 minutes exercises against knee pain - Physiotherapie Praxis Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Lift the other leg, which is still resting straight on the floor, up towards the ceiling and hold this position for a few seconds. Now lower it stretched out on the floor again. Repeat this exercise about five times and switch legs.

Reduce knee pain: Bending while standing

Now stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Slowly bend your knees. It is important that you do not go into a hollow back or hunchback and that you keep the tension in the back area. Tend to move the body forward and make sure there is a clear line between the neck, head and spine. To orient the leg position, imagine that you are sitting on an imaginary chair.

Daily 1x 3 minutes exercise for knee pain - Physiotherapie Praxis Berlin Mitte Christian Marsch

Pay attention to your body’s signals and address your knee pain by performing this exercise sequence once a day. Give yourself a break every now and then and bring your musculoskeletal system into an optimal condition that will stand the test of time in everyday life.

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