Aromatherapy massage – body and mind in harmony

Aromatherapy massage

One in two people in Germany suffer from back pain, at least as many experience tenseness in the neck or shoulder area. These physical problems and the resulting diminished quality of life can be attributed to poor posture, everyday office life or hard physical work. That’s why it is important to accommodate the body’s needs.

Aroma oil massage stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation, tightens connective tissue, relieves pain and allows the body energy to flow freely again. The result: you feel strengthened and balanced all around.

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As one of the world’s oldest therapeutic methods, massage therapy is said to have a rejuvenating, soothing and relaxing effect. The relaxing fragrance of essential oils appeals to the senses, calming the mind and creating a sense of ease and relaxation. The use of special manual techniques helps to detoxify the body, stimulate metabolism and circulation and loosen muscles. The body needs rest and relaxation. When body and mind are in unison, a person regains their natural state: energized, powerful, permeable.