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Medical yoga

-Coming soon-

Medical Yoga combines deeply rooted yoga practice with the latest orthopedic knowledge and therefore pays great attention to the physical advantages that the execution of the yoga positions brings with it. The focus is on movement sequences that follow the natural principles of the body and a non-violent implementation of the exercises.

The so-called Spiraldynamik® is fundamental: a concept that is based on the functional anatomy of the body and thus coordinates human postures and movements. The Spiraldynamik® assumes that a sensible body alignment is characterized by a three-dimensional movement system and therefore trains the body through spiral or helical movements.

With the help of intelligent, i.e. anatomically correct movements, medical yoga can specifically address complaints – for example after a herniated disc or in the case of hip immobility, foot deformities or painful tension. Muscles, joints and tendons are mobilized and strengthened and the natural posture is supported in the long term, so that the practitioner’s feeling of posture is refined. In addition, the flowing, sensitive exercises intensify the feeling of posture.

Medical Yoga is about training the view of the body and its posture in order to better recognize one’s own potential and thus to be able to respond to psychological and physical needs. In this way, pain and tension can be treated in a targeted manner – without surgery or a high dose of medication.

From the beginning of October, our practice will offer two weekly medical yoga courses: the course takes place every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.